How to Ensure Your Collge Credits Transfer

As a Service member, you know there are no guarantees about where you’ll be stationed next.

As a Service member, you know there are no guarantees about where you’ll be stationed next. Your duties and your other personal responsibilities may take precedence over your college studies from time to time.., but that’s no reason to stop pursuing your goal.

Frequent moves are not your only deterrent either. When colleges presume students will stay in the same location for the entire degree program, Service members may struggle to stick with their degree plan or may have trouble attending classes. If you completed a portion of your degree in a traditional classroom program, you could lose several credits when you transfer to another duty location and school. If this happens, you may discover that you need some help locating military-friendly schools that can help you complete your degree.

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) is a cooperative civilian and military effort specifically designed with you and your relocation challenges in mind. Created in 1972, SOC Defense Network System (DNS) links Service members to institutions that provide high quality education while maximizing the proper award of academic credit for military training and experience and facilitating the transferability of credits. The SOC DNS is designed to help you choose a program that will provide both the flexibility you need and the assurance that you will receive full credit for your classroom work, even if you move often.

Choose the Institution That Best Suits Your Needs

Military-friendly colleges provide the best combination of quality coursework and flexible scheduling. They recognize that military service provides numerous opportunities for leadership and personal growth as well as technical training, and they are well-equipped to help you successfully transition to your post-military career. These institutions also understand that military members may need additional support when returning to a degree program or may need to take advantage of distance-learning opportunities.

Whether you enroll in a two-year or four-year degree program, when you choose a SOC DNS member institution, you know you’ll have the best chance of completing your degree. SOC DNS maintains a network of career and technical education providers as well as traditional colleges and universities. Choosing a SOC DNS institution can also help get your degree program back on track after an extended absence.

Get Credit for Your Work

Traditional colleges are designed for students who will complete the program within two or four years. In those programs, if you need to delay your coursework for a few months or transfer credits to multiple institutions, you could lose hours worth of credits. However, SOC DNS member colleges appreciate the challenges you face as a Service member, and they’re committed to maximizing the credits that you’ve already earned.

Make Sure You Can Transfer Credits

SOC DNS helps you ensure that you receive full credit for work you’ve already completed. Through the SOC DNS website, you can check on programs and course requirements beforehand to ensure maximum transferability.

Want to know your options? Click here for details on SOC DNS and partner schools.

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