DANTES is dedicated to helping our service members achieve their post-military goals.

Because education is essential to this process, we constantly work to create more non-traditional educational opportunities at accredited institutions.

DANTES makes it easy for your institution to partner with us to provide the level and quality of education that will meet the individual needs of each active service member or veteran. Learn what we can do together to provide service members an affordable, accessible education that will give them the tools to succeed throughout life.

Follow these easy steps to help us support higher education for service members.

Learn more about the Joint Services Transcript (JST), certified by the American Council on Education (ACE), which replaces traditional transcripts.

DANTES has partnered with such organizations as the American Council on Education (ACE) to create additional opportunities for service members.

The Education Counselor's Toolbox provides you with a variety of tools and resources to assist service members with their education goals. Learn about accreditation, financial aid, search for colleges, find online resources, and more.

The DoD Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between DoD and educational institutions ensures that service members receive equitable treatment while pursuing educational goals.

DANTES gives you the support you need to provide guidance and assistance to military personnel in their educational pursuits. Learn about what we offer here.