American College Testing (ACT) Readiness Assessment

Many colleges require that students submit test results as part of the admission application process. Both the ACT and the SAT are nationally administered standardized tests that help colleges evaluate candidates. All schools accept either test interchangeably. As you begin to think about college and creating the best application package possible, your admissions plan should begin with the question, “Which test should I take?”

The ACT assessment test is an admissions requirement at some colleges. The instrument consists of a battery of four academic tests that measure academic development in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning. The assessment provides scores on the four tests: a composite score and seven sub scores, which provide more detailed information concerning an individual’s academic development.

Visit the ACT program website for exam information and test prep materials.

Funding Eligibility

Service members are authorized (one) DANTES-funded administration at a DANTES Test Site, of either the ACT (or SAT) for a Service or education requirement. For exceptions, contact a DANTES Test Site. Review the DANTES Funding Eligibility Requirements.

DANTES does not reimburse ACTs taken at DANTES Test Sites.

DANTES Test Sites

Contact your local DANTES Test Site to schedule an ACT administration. Do not register for an administration on the ACT website when planning to test at a DANTES Test Site. If the education office on your military installation does not support a DANTES Test Site, email DANTES at for assistance.

The ACT is not administered onboard U.S. military ships.

Retest Policy

Service members seeking an authorized funded or unfunded (self-pay) retest must wait at least 60 complete days from the last ACT administration at a DANTES Test Site. Retesting within less than 60 complete days will result in an invalid score.

An examinee may not have more than 12 ACT administrations per lifetime.

Authorization for a funded retest is not based on the score of a previously funded ACT (or SAT). A funded retest is only authorized when a “current” ACT score is required by a Service or education regulation which varies with individual programs.

For example:

Officer Accession programs: STA-21, MECP and AECP define a “current” score as not older than 3 years.
Members with a DANTES-funded ACT score less than 3 years old are not eligible for a funded ACT (or SAT) retest.

Unfunded retesting is authorized on a (self-pay basis) for any other reason (e.g., to improve scores of a “current,” previously funded or unfunded administration).

To test or retest at a National Test Center, visit ACT’s website. Civilian testing and retesting policies apply.

Scoring and Reporting

Scores for ACTs administered at a DANTES Test Site are reported approximately 2-4 weeks after receipt of the answer folders at ACT.

  • ACT does not offer expedited scoring.
  • Student reports are mailed to the address provided at the time of testing.
  • Students may also view their scores online by establishing a free ACT web account at