General Educational Development (GED)

A high school diploma remains the primary ticket to many entry-level jobs, and is also a prerequisite for occupational training and postsecondary education. In an ideal society, everyone would graduate from high school. Although that is not a reality today, GED Testing Service offers the only nationally recognized opportunity to earn a high school-equivalency credential. The computer-based GED® Test is offered at authorized Pearson VUE Test Centers in participating jurisdictions worldwide.

The GED® test has been used since 1942 to assess knowledge typically developed in a four-year high school education program. The GED® test consists of four (4) content areas designed to measure high school level of adult learners who are not high school graduates.

DANTES reimburses the test fee for eligible military personnel, once per lifetime. Carefully review GED Testing Service registration and scheduling policies as Service members are responsible for paying all fees charged for these services.

Study Guides and Support Materials

The Official GED Practice Test is no longer required for military examinees. However, all test-takers are strongly encouraged to take the practice test and utilize the GED Testing Service® test preparation resources, which are aligned to potential outcomes on the 2014 GED® Test.

GED Ready™ is the official practice test to provide potential test-takers the best information about their readiness for taking the 2014 GED® Test. GED Ready™ is available in computer-based format and can be purchased through a MyGED™ student account. Individuals may also choose to work with local adult education programs.

Visit GED Testing Service at to establish a MyGED™ student account. MyGED is the test-taker's tool for 2014 GED Test Center locations, test preparation, registration, scheduling, score reporting and for career and college information after testing.

Reimbursement Eligibility

Please refer to the Reimbursement Eligibility page.

Service member Reimbursement Responsibilities

Electronically complete the reimbursement request form and digitally sign it using your CAC ID.

Reimbursement Method

  • Service members receive reimbursement through their military pay bank account.
  • The disbursement is not reflected on your LES.
  • Contact your bank representative to verify DFAS funds disbursement.
  • Coast Guard members receive reimbursement via a U.S. Treasury check sent to the mailing address provided in Section 1.
  • Allow up to 6 weeks for processing.

Email DANTES for assistance at

Retest Policy

DANTES does not fund or reimburse retests of the GED Test.