• Transcript Requests

If you've already taken our suggested test, you can request a transcript or score card be sent to your college of choice.

When requesting a transcript or grade report, be very specific as to where it is to be sent. Include any office symbol, code or particular person at the institution that is to receive the transcript (i.e., admissions, evaluations, graduation, etc).

Panama Canal Zone Schools

Requests MUST be signed by the individual making the transcript request. Transcripts should be received in 10 to 12 days (or longer if overseas). The phone number is (706) 545-4785 or (706) 545-8246. Requests can be faxed to (706) 545-1239.

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Requesting a USAFI GED or College Level Transcript for Tests or USAFI Courses Taken Before or After 1 July 1974?


Military Transcript Order Form Pre-July 1, 1974

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Military Transcript Order Form Post-July 1, 1974

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