Reach Your Goals With TA DECIDE

The DoD MOU is all about making sure Service members like you get the opportunities you deserve

Reach Your Goals With TA DECIDE

Are you ready to take your education to the next level but still have questions? Maybe you’re concerned about selecting the right school, choosing the right degree program, paying tuition, or just figuring out how to get started. If so, Tuition Assistance (TA) DECIDE is exactly the tool you need.


TA DECIDE is an online information and comparison tool tailored to the unique needs of Service members like you. Launched by the Department of Defense (DoD) in April 2015, this tool is designed to take the stress out of every step of the process, from setting your goals to earning your degree or certification.

For an introduction to TA Decide, check out this DoD News Update: DoD Introduces TA Decide Website.

Meeting Your Needs

Everyone has demands on their time, and everyone’s situation is unique. Whether you’re pursuing an education on a full-time or part-time basis, TA DECIDE can work for you.

To start the simple process, visit the TA DECIDE website. You’ll be prompted to enter information about the degree you’re interested in and your location preferences. TA DECIDE can then provide you with information on everything from the number of Service members using DoD tuition assistance and annual tuition cost to graduation rates and comparisons of schools and programs.

Information You Can Trust

With TA DECIDE, you can be confident that all the schools included have been vetted by the DoD, and they have all agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) specifying their obligations and commitments. The TA DECIDE engine is fueled by trusted data sources from the departments of Defense, Education, and Veterans Affairs.

More than 2,700 schools participate in TA DECIDE, and all are eligible for military tuition assistance. You can use TA DECIDE on your own or while working with an educational counselor, helping you to start a conversation or launch right into your own search.

TA DECIDE: Decide to Define Your Future!

When you’re ready to further your education, arm yourself with information. Critical decisions require the kind of reliable, up-to-date data provided by TA DECIDE, so make sure this powerful weapon is part of your arsenal.

Log on, check it out, and confidently take the first step into your future.

Let’s define your future together. Visit the DANTES website to ask about our programs and resources. We’re committed to helping you reach your goals!

Nancy Hamilton, DANTES Editor
For valuable education resources, check out the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) website http://www.dantes.doded.mil.

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