Credit by Exams? We'll Pay for That, Too

How can you earn credit for knowledge and skills you already possess?

Standardized Tests, Part 2: Credit by exams? We'll Pay for That, Too

In our last post we shared information on how DANTES will pay the fee for you to take the GED®, ACT®, and SAT® – tests you need for college admission. But what if you want to earn credit for knowledge and skills you already possess?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.


What Tests Do You Need to Take?

Are you ready for college, but would love to find a shortcut to your degree? If so, we can determine which tests you need to take, help you prepare to ace them, and even pay the testing fees.

Tests for College Credit

Save time and money by earning credits before you ever set foot in a college or university. You have two options:

  • CLEP®: The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of 33 exams that let you get college credit for knowledge you’ve already acquired. CLEP exams are offered online at fully-funded and community-based National Test Centers (NTCs).
  • DSST®: The DSST program is a series of 34 exams that can also help you earn college credits. DSST exams are offered online at fully-funded and community-based NTCs.

As a Service member, you can receive upfront funding to take CLEP and DSST tests, making them easy and affordable options. Be aware that DANTES no longer funds retesting on a previously funded CLEP or DSST exam with the same test title, so be sure you’re ready before you take the test. For information on how to start the CLEP or DSST process or to find test-prep resources, visit the College Board and Prometric websites:

Let's Do This!

You know you’re ready for what’s next. After all, if you weren’t determined and goal-oriented, you wouldn’t be researching ways to advance your career! For that dedication, and for your Service to your country, we salute you. DANTES is at the ready to help you in the next step of your professional and educational journey.

Let’s define your future together. Visit the DANTES website anytime to learn how we can help you prepare and pay for the testing you need.

Nancy Hamilton, DANTES Editor
For valuable education resources, check out the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) website http://www.dantes.doded.mil.

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