Free Academic Training Programs for Service Members

You’ve learned a lot in the military, and now you’re interested in broadening your skills.

You’ve learned a lot in the military, and now you’re interested in broadening your skills. You’re thinking about a college education, but you’re worried about whether or not you can pass entrance exams like the GRE and the GMAT.

First, don’t ever let fear get in the way of your goals. Second, get those negative thoughts out of your head. And finally, quit worrying: DANTES will help you get ready for those tests so you can pass with flying colors. Boom. Problem solved.

DANTES is on your side and wants you to get it done, so they provide the resources and programs you need to reach your education and career goals.

Did you know that DANTES has several options to get you started? The academic skills development training programs will reinforce the knowledge you already have and strengthen your areas of weakness – for free. That’s right: You pay nothing. (And no, we didn’t call you weak.)

Here’s another fun fact: DANTES will reimburse you for the cost of your GRE and GMAT. It just keeps getting better! DANTES doesn’t want you to worry about test scores, test costs, or anything else – nothing should get in the way of your goals. So take those tests; DANTES has got your back.

All of this sounds encouraging, doesn’t it? It should. DANTES not only wants you to achieve your goals, they also want to help you achieve them. Not sure where to begin? DANTES has an excellent, user-friendly website full of resources and information to help you get started. There’s even a link to connect you to an education counselor who will help you come up with a strategy to meet your long-term objectives.

Visit the DANTES website today and find out everything they have to offer you, including their free academic skills development programs for Service members and Veterans.

So why are you still here? Visit the DANTES website and get started!

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