Distance Learning on Active Duty: 5 Things You Didn't Know

Nothing is done in the military without a plan.

To quote Admiral Joshua Painter in “The Hunt for Red October”: “What’s his plan? ... Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.” That’s one thing all Service members can agree on: Nothing is done in the military without a plan. Is a college education part of your plan after deployment or after serving? What if you could further your education while on active duty? What if you could plan for your college degree while deployed? Distance learning via online educational programs is designed for the fluid schedules of active-duty Service members.

Online learning is an important tool in planning for the future. Take advantage of your off hours while on active duty – start your military educational career by giving distance learning a chance. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and some down time. Distance learning provides numerous educational advantages that make it perfect for active-duty Service members. Here are five of them:

Flexibility. DANTES has agreements with more than 100 educational intuitions, allowing you to choose the university with a schedule that works best for you. DANTES provides a Distance Learning Readiness Self-Assessment (DLRSA) which will identify your strengths and weaknesses that could impact your success when taking distance learning courses. Visit the DANTES website to find out more.

Interactivity. In 2009, three out of four students in the military were enrolled in some form of distance learning. Since then, the number of people taking online college courses has expanded nearly 15 times faster than the number of students in traditional classrooms.

Portability. Technology is reshaping the way we look at education. Active-duty Service members now access classes via laptops, e-readers, iPads, and smartphones, allowing you to get an education anywhere, anytime.

Accreditation. Find out if a school will grant academic credit for your military training. You could earn credits to transfer to your chosen educational program, which saves you time and money. To learn more about alternatives to traditional college credit, visit the DANTES website.

Resources. In addition to online proctoring and program support provided by the schools, there are open educational resources (OER) available online. These OERs, including learning modules, videos, simulations, and interactive exercises, help ensure your academic success. Learn more by visiting Peterson’s DoD MWR Libraries.

The military has always provided opportunities for advancement and a foundation for success. Active-duty Service members are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of online learning; it’s a great way to earn a degree or certification while still serving your country. Let DANTES help you choose the right program to help you meet your goals.

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