Kuder Journey: An Easy Transition to a Civilian Career

DANTES offers career counseling tools through Kuder Journey

During your military career, you referred to it as a “mission”, and now in civilian life, you can call it a “journey.” Before heading out on any mission you listened to briefings, poured over intel, examined topography maps and used every tool you had at your disposal. You planned and left nothing to chance. Why should your civilian career be any different? If you’re not sure what direction you want your career to go once you leave the military, DANTES offers career counseling tools through Kuder Journey.

Geared toward the military-to-civilian transition, the Kuder Journey is a reliable tool for career exploration and planning. The tailored career guide provided by DANTES and Kuder starts with you, by assessing your skills, interests and work ethic and uses those results to chart a personalized career path for a successful future.

It’s a web-based system that can be accessed anywhere around the globe, 24 hours a day. Registration is simple and intuitive. Once registered, you can watch tutorials, get a program overview and instructions on how to begin your assessment. Start shaping your civilian transition journey around the person you are now and find that career that best fits the talents and values that you offer.

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