Top 5 Service Member Blogs

DANTES has put together the top blogs for military members that provide the best information for active and transitioning personnel.

Webpages have "top trending stories", couples have their "famous top five" lists and magazines point out the "top trends" in fashion. On the Internet, on television and on your favorite social media sites, it’s easy to find a "top" list that interests you. Military sites are no different.

DANTES has put together the top blogs for military members that provide the best information for active and transitioning personnel. Whether you're looking for the right educational program, spousal and family benefits or job training, DANTES' Top Five Blog List has something for everyone. In no particular order, here they are:

DANTES4military. DANTES' role has always been to provide useful and real-time information to military members, both active duty and Veterans. Find everything you need to achieve your educational goals and earn degrees or get certified both during and after serving. Looking for information about financial aid? Check out: Finding Money is Easier Than You Think. The topics are listed by category and easy to search. Maybe you're wondering if your military training will benefit you on your career path? The answer might be found at Put Your Military Training and Experience to Work. From choosing the right school to exams and testing, to hearing what the Gunny has to say, the DANTES4military blog has it all—just for you.

Next up, Military OneSource Blog Brigade. A one-stop site for all things service related written by military spouses around the globe. The posts are informative, entertaining and from the perspective of someone who’s been there. Whether the post is an affirmation to live and embrace life in the moment like Turn Off Stress, Tune Into Now or solid information on dealing with filing your taxes such as The 5 Stages of Tax Season Emotions, you'll find it at the Military OneSource Blog Brigade.

MCCS Forward, or the Marine Corps Community Service site, is dedicated to all things Marine Corps. The articles and posts are designed to inform you about programs that range from counseling, Keep Your Marriage as Strong as Your Marine, to education to dining and entertainment. Interested in increasing your chances of getting a job once you enter the civilian world, read up on 7 Tips for Effective Face-to-Face Networking. The stories are authentic, motivating, and tell the stories that relate to the Marine Corps family.

For an educational foundation, try Homeroom by the Department of Education. The Department's official blog that focuses on learning resources and educational related announcements. Additionally, there is information on student aid, standards and testing, teachers and early education. Learn about student leaders working well-rounded educational programs in their hometowns or what it takes to go after a federal career. Join the dialogue and keep up with what's happening at the Department of Education and in schools around the country.

VAntage Point is the official blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Designed to be a tool for veterans, the site is a place where you can learn about various VA programs. Will new regulations affect your copayment costs of medication? It’s also a site where vets, staffers, spouses, patients or students have the opportunity to contribute. Learn about a hometown hero or the #VeteranOfTheDay. VAntage Point is the site to get correct information to and from our nation’s Veterans.

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