Jumpstart Your Education with MyVolEd Path

If there’s one constant for the military, it’s evolution.

From foot soldiers and horses to armed drones and stealth battleships, if there's one constant for the military, it's evolution. The evolution in tactics, weapons and technologies have made the greatest impact on modern military personnel and this means YOU!

Impact of Technology

When asked about the future role of technology and its impact on the military, Patrick O'Neill, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Army Material Command, said, "We should try to be the best. To enable that, I encourage us to challenge the status quo, empower and encourage innovation and professional growth, navigate our thinking, and infuse industry and academia in our plans." Today's Service members – YOU – are "digital natives" and recognize the impact of technology. The military recognizes this too and is preparing its members for a future where technology and mobile devices will play a crucial part in your everyday lives and will be essential to your military career paths and beyond.

MyVolEdPath Mobile App

This is where DANTES's MyVolEdPath mobile app comes in. Just like real time intel on the battlefield can enhance or influence the course of combat, this mobile app can influence a Service member’s approach to education. Imagine an application that allows you instant access to the latest education information and news feeds, with customized notification settings, social media embeds and even real-time access to customer service representatives. It’s a mobile app that benefits you and other users, education counselors and administrators. The MyVolEdPath app gives you and other military members more control over your learning path and develops a course that’s right for you — in the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere.

All branches of the military are tasked with identifying innovative technologies and identifying ways to support them for use in existing systems, whether it’s on land, air or sea. Mobile technology is another way to transform a Service member's approach to education.

DANTES's MyVolEdPath platform is all about change for the better. It’s evolution that makes navigating the path of higher education easier and faster for all Service members. Download the app today! It’s free from the iTunes and Google Play online stores. Search "My VolEd Path" or "DANTES" to find the My VolEd Path app in app stores or in a Web browser. Users can also download the app through My VolEdPath website.

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