Your Military Transcript Helps Reach Your Education Goals

How does my military transcript benefit my voluntary education?

When working towards a college degree, you’ll rely heavily on your college transcript. You’ll use it to see how you are progressing and what is needed for degree completion. It includes all your course information, grades and grade point average. Your college transcript is different from your military transcript. A military transcript offers similar information, but it offers a whole lot more. It may even be more important than your college transcript depending on your military training and experience.

When talking about voluntary education, knowledge is power when it comes to your military transcript. Knowing what your Joint Services Transcript or JST can do for you is essential to reaching graduation. It can also help you with gaining future employment and achieving career success.

Your JST is a transcript tool that validates and documents all of your military training, occupational experiences, and credit-by-exam testing and coursework that has been completed throughout your military career. Think of all the official training you’ve completed and all the job knowledge you have. Your JST is a well-developed, academic review of your military career completed by the American Council on Education (ACE). The final document lists college credit recommendations, based on your military training and job experiences, that colleges and universities can use to give you academic credit in lieu of taking courses. That’s right! This means that you can get college credit for your service, military training, etc. Your JST will ultimately save you time and money. We’re talking about time not spent in the classroom and money not spent on books.

JST Benefits:

And there’s more! Your JST is free for military members. Your transcript is accessible anytime and anywhere you have access to the Web. You can quickly download an unofficial copy and also have an official copy sent to your school of choice. Your JST is also an effective tool to help you prepare for separation or transition, because it is written in civilian language. It can be incredibly helpful in preparing resumes and explaining work experience to civilian employers. The JST is an invaluable resource that benefits you during all stages of your military career. Whether working on a degree, professional development, or preparing to transition to civilian employment, you want to ensure that all of your service information is included. It’s information that can become college credit.

Who can receive a military transcript:

This is a free service for military members primarily in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Air Force members have the Community College of the Air Force for their military training and education, but if they attend any joint training, they can request a JST too.

How to get your JST:

You JST is just a few clicks away...

Register for a JST account online or email jst@doded.mil to process a JST transcript request.

Visit the JST Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs for more information. And you can also visit the American Council on Education or ACE for a JST program brochure.

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More Questions:

If you have more questions about your JST and other DANTES programs... you can always find it on our website and in other articles on our Service member blog! Remember – DANTES is here to help you plan and manage your educational options and career planning.

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