Find Military Education Benefits with MyVolEdPath

The MyVolEdPath Mobile App celebrates its one-year anniversary!

The MyVolEdPath mobile app was released in April 2017 as a Defense education tool to help maximize the use of military education benefits. The app provides a simple way to connect you and other military users to education resources. Since the launch, service members have been using the mobile app to find tailored recommendations for education programs that best fit their individual needs. They have also used the app to locate education articles and tutorials , view "how-to-use" videos, and chat live with a DANTES representative to get immediate feedback.

As with anything new, there are questions that still arise. DANTES has received all types of questions from "What is an app?" to "What’s in it for me?" This article focuses on addressing your frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) about the mobile app. Read more about the top 3 inquires DANTES has received from service members regarding the mobile app, MyVolEdpath.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Why should I download the MyVolEdPath mobile app?

Answer: It’s quick, easy, free, and helpful! The app helps you find the resources and information needed to start building your personalized education pathway. You can use the mobile app’s discovery tool to quickly assess your needs and set goals. This will generate recommended Defense education programs just for you. A customized checklist with your recommended programs is generated under “My Pathways” using your answers to the questions within the discovery tool. These program recommendations align to your current education level and future education goal. Each item on the checklist takes you to a program overview to help you prepare for college and career advancement. By selecting "Try Now," you can instantly connect to the program.

Question 2: There is no education center on my base/post. Who can help me find the answers to my education related questions?

Answer: Thankfully, there’s lots of help! The mobile app includes a "Find a Counselor" feature to help you and other service members quickly find an on-base or virtual education center. The app provides the name, address, email (if available), and phone number of the closest counselor. The app also connects to the mobile device’s call function to call a counselor directly from the app. You can also access additional app features like FAQs, video tutorials, and blog articles. A “Live Chat” function allows members to either chat via text or leave a message for a DANTES representative to get answers to questions related to Defense education programs.

Question 3: How do I get the mobile app?

Answer: That’s the easiest answer of them all! The MyVolEdPath Mobile App can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. Access todownload the app is also available through www.MyVolEdPath.com.

All in all, the most successful apps aren't created because organizations had a channel to fill, but because there was an opportunity to optimize a process. Apps are best when they serve a single purpose. The MyVolEdPath Mobile App ensures that Defense VolEd information is available anytime, anywhere on your mobile device - when you have an Internet connection, of course. The app was developed to help you and other military users quickly discover education programs and connect to education professionals who are standing by to help you.

More Information and Resources

For a more detailed overview of the app, read the April 2017 issue of the DIB Newsletter.

Other DANTES resources to help you in your education journey include:

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