Find DANTES VolEd Program Information Faster & Easier

DANTES has spent considerable time determining customer information needs and redesigned the DANTES website.

Often times, the easiest place to find opportunities for innovation is by listening to customers and stakeholders. DANTES spent considerable time analyzing thousands of questions and comments from service members, veterans, and VolEd professionals as well as website analytics to determine customer information needs. This needs assessment was a vital beginning step in redesigning the DANTES website. The new DANTES website was launched September 1, 2018 to meet the needs of various audience groups, address frequently asked questions.

What does Redesigned mean?

The redesigned DANTES website offers a straightforward and easy-to-find format with the military student and military education professional in mind. Defense education programs help military students meet goals in every stage of their military career. Military education counselors and career advisors are there to help students find the most efficient ways to reach professional and educational goals. DANTES is one Defense education resource available 24/7 and at no-cost to the military student. Our organization strives to ensure the Services and its military members know the education benefits available to them. In that endeavor, DANTES has restructured its website to help both students and counselors easily locate the information needed to take advantage of and share the wide variety of Defense education programs available.

Let's Tour the Website

Some of the changes to look for on the newly, redesigned website are:

  • Contact and Search capability centrally located at the top
  • DIB Newsletter and Social Media icons easily accessible on the left side
  • DANTES Help Desk always available in the lower right
  • Service seals on the bottom take you directly to Services Voluntary Education resources
  • Counselors and School Reps have their own section for counseling resources

Top Navigation panel

The top navigation panel delivers easy access to the following:

  • Direct link to the MyVolEdPath Mobile Application page
  • Education counselors can be found be entering a Service, region, postal code information, all within a selected radius of 50, 75, or 100 miles
  • Contact DANTES and ask a question with one click
  • Search the entire website

Left Icon Panel

The left icon panel is available throughout the website, on every page, for access to the following:

  • DIB Newletter – Monthly information for Service education counselors.
  • Contact a Counselor – This is so important, we have it located in various places throughout the website.
  • Find a Test Center – This information is always easy to locate.
  • Social Media Buttons – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Bottom Right for Help

The 24/7 Help Desk is always there to answer your questions.

Bottom Navigation Panel and Service Seals

The bottom navigation panel offers easy access to the Military One Source VolEd page and all of the Service VolEd pages.

Home Tab

Going to HOME allows the user to see that DANTES’ defense education programs are separated into each stage of the Voluntary Education (VolEd) journey and each section is clickable to reveal more information.

About Tab

This tab offers 2 selections to choose from - About and Leadership. The About section helps a visitor learn about the VolEd mission and provides important links to the Potsecondary Education Complaint System (PECS), Service VolEd pages, and Military One Source VolEd information. The Leadership section introduces a visitor to DANTES leadership.

Education Programs Tab

This tab looks just like the Home tab. As stated previously, Defense programs are separated here by the stages that military members may take during their career with relation to education and professional development. It starts with Prep for College and ends with the Defense program for transitioning to the classroom in a second career as a teacher.

Program Bars

As you click on each program bar, you will find the programs that are most beneficial to the military member at this stage of the education journey.

Each program page starts with a Program Overview, followed by clickable tabs providing more in-depth information on topics such as:

  • Student Benefits
  • Program Eligibility
  • Support Resources

Steps to Follow

At the bottom of the program pages, there are steps to follow to help a military student easily access and understand how to proceed.


On the right of most program pages, a visitor will find videos providing a quick visual summary of the program. These videos can all be found under the Resources tab as well.

"Need Help?" Blue Boxes

Help boxes are also located to the right on each program page as well. These are blue boxes found throughout the program pages that provide a point of contact (POC), phone number, and email information if the visitor has further questions.

Financial Assistance Tab

The cost of pursuing a college education and/or career credentials can vary significantly from school to school and student to student. This page includes resources available to military members to help cover education costs.

Counselor and School Reps Tab

This page was created specifically to assist military education professionals. As an education services officer (ESO), education counselor, education specialist, and school rep, you have the distinct privilege of assisting military members with their education and career path. On this tab, DANTES has provided a variety of program tools and resources to help you stay informed and up to date on Defense education support programs. It includes everything from support tools and program materials to publications and how to establish a national test center. It also includes an active feed for the DANTES Facebook page.

Resources Tab

Whether setting career goals or pursuing a college degree, military members will undoubtedly have questions throughout their journey ahead. The resources available on this page will help to answer a variety of questions from finding an education counselor and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to finding a teaching job with Troops to Teachers and the DIB newsletter. You’ll notice that these resources also have links in other places on the website, but they are all accessible in this one location for ease of use.

Blog Tab

The DANTES4military blog or service member blog is now part of the DANTES website. The blog is a tool that education counselors can use to find answers to questions and to send military students to for additional program information. The blog is also set up in the same VolEd stages that service members may take during their career when it comes to education and professional development goals. Members have the option to search via the individual sections or see all of the articles at once.

Viewed on Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile Device

It is important to note that the website is accessible on all devices to help you become familiar with its usability and to determine which works best for you.

DANTES redesigned the website with you, the education professional, and the military student in mind. It is our goal to provide accessible Defense program information all in one place to help make your jobs easier and increase website traffic. More website traffic means more service members are learning about their no-cost education benefits. We encourage you to review the website and give us your feedback. If we can make it easier to find information, we will certainly try. Please send your comments to dantes_outreach@navy.mil or use one of the tools available on the website.

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