New CLEP® Spanish with Writing Exam

Coming October 2019

New Exam Options

Starting this October, service members with Spanish language knowledge will have the option to take either the CLEP Spanish Language exam (for up to 9 recommended credits) or the new CLEP Spanish with Writing exam (for up to 12 recommended credits). As with other CLEP exams, DANTES will fund the cost of the first attempt of the Spanish with Writing exam for eligible service members. In addition, service members will be able to take the new exam at any of the 2,000+ test centers across the country and overseas.

Like the current CLEP Spanish Language exam, CLEP Spanish with Writing measures listening and reading skills taught in most first- and second-year Spanish language college courses. The exam also includes two mandatory writing tasks that measure a test taker’s interpersonal and presentational communication skills.


The table below outlines some of the differences between the two exams.

Spanish Language Spanish with Writing
Exam Structure
  • 2 listening sections
  • 1 reading section
  • 2 listening sections
  • 1 reading section
  • 2 writing tasks
Number and Types of Questions
  • 121 multiple-choice questions
  • 100 multiple-choice questions
  • 2 writing tasks
Timing 90 minutes:
  • 2 listening and 1 reading section, approximately 90 minutes
110 minutes:
  • 2 listening and 1 reading section, approximately 80 minutes
  • 2 writing tasks, 30 minutes

Spanish with Writing Score Information

Each writing task response will be scored by at least two Spanish-teaching college faculty members. The multiple-choice section score (75%) and writing score (25%) are combined to yield the test taker’s exam score, which will be reported on a 20–80 scale. The Spanish with Writing score is available online approximately two weeks after testing.

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends the following credit-granting scores and semester hours for Spanish with Writing:

  • Level 1: 6 credits for a score of 50, equivalent to a first-year course grade of C*
  • Level 2: 12 credits for a score of 65, equivalent to a second-year course grade of C*

Please note that colleges and universities set their own credit-granting policies, so students should consult with the department that oversees their institution's credit policy prior to deciding which CLEP Spanish exam to take.

Preparing for the Spanish with Writing Exam

To prepare for Spanish with Writing, service members can find study tips on the CLEP website, as well as a list of recommended textbooks and study resources on the Spanish with Writing exam page.

Free CLEP resources, including the Spanish with Writing fact sheet and the Spanish Language and Spanish with Writing Examination Guide, will be available in Fall 2019. Service members can also study for the exam using the free Modern States online CLEP Spanish Language course from Modern States Education Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making college more affordable for all.

For additional information on the Spanish with Writing exam, visit the DANTES CLEP page or the CLEP website

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