Can Getting College Credit Really be Easy?

How, you ask? It’s really quite simple. Follow these steps...

Marine studies the ops manual

DANTES Credit-by-Exam program makes getting college credit quick & easy for eligible military members.

How, you ask? It's really quite simple. Follow these steps...

  1. Visit the DANTES website, look for "Get College Credit for What You Know," and choose "College Credit by Examination."
  2. Become familiar with the program benefits and options to help you choose between a CLEP test and a DSST test. They are similar, yet different. Both offer more than 30 exam subjects to choose from.
  3. Choose an exam that meets the requirements for your college degree program and a topic that you have prior knowledge of.
  4. Visit an education counselor to make sure that your school will accept the exam and give you credit for it. College credit recommendations for these exams are made through the American Council on Education (ACE) and are subject to the acceptance of individual academic institutions. Exam acceptance by your school is not guaranteed.
  5. Study! Be prepared for the exam. You might know some of the information, but preparation is key. Visit the exam website and have a solid expectation of what you will need to know to pass.
    NOTE: DANTES pays for the first exam attempt. If you do not pass, a retest is not funded by DANTES. You will need to pay to take a retest.
  6. When you are ready, schedule and take the exam. Information on how to schedule your exam is available on both exam websites.
  7. DANTES pays the test fee only for eligible military members. Again, be sure that you are eligible and know what you need to bring with you on test day.
  8. Congratulations! If you followed these steps and passed your exam, you'll get 3 college credits for less time than it takes to sit in a classroom for a semester and spend a minimal amount or NO cash out of your pocket.

The DANTES Credit-by-Exam program is really quite simple. However, you must do your homework in order to get the most out of this education benefit. Visit the DANTES website and know what you need to do for a successful outcome. Preparation is key!

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