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As an education services officer (ESO), education counselor, and education specialist, you have the distinct privilege of assisting military members with their education and career path. DANTES provides a variety of program tools and resources to help you stay informed and up to date on DoD's education support programs.

DoD Professional Development Institute

DoD VolEd Professional Development Institute (PDI)

The Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Education Professional Development Institute (VolEd PDI) is an annual two-day event designed to equip VolEd professionals with ongoing training and development opportunities. Participants include DoD and U.S. Coast Guard VolEd professionals nominated by their Services' VolEd Chiefs. Participants are challenged to translate new education program management, counseling, and advisement knowledge and skills into actionable practices. The PDI provides an opportunity to collaborate and build support networks with other professionals within the voluntary education community. Participation in the PDI is coordinated by your Service point of contact.

The 2020 PDI has been cancelled. Dates are TBD for 2021.

    The PDI briefings, to include speaker presentation slides, have been posted on the DANTES MilSuite site to serve as learning aids and reference tools for all VolEd personnel. The files are located under "Categories/Professional Development Institute 2019 (PDI)".
    NOTE: The site is a CAC enabled platform and may require registration for first time users.

Program Guidance & Training Resources

Academic Skills (OASC/CPST)

Help your service members and students improve their math, science, English skills, and more with the Academic Skills Resources for both the Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) and the College Placement Skills Training Program (CPST). Learn More.

This OASC flyer provides directions for education counselors on how to get an administrative account and locate a short training course. Download the flyer.

College and Career Planning (Kuder)

Learn how to effectively counsel Service members on Kuder Journey through tutorials and additional training opportunities by visiting the Kuder Journey website.

Education counselors can register for a Kuder Administrator account by following these instructions.

Learn how you, as education counselors, career advisors, and career coaches can use the Holland Theory to help your military students succeed. Here are some resources to review, download, print and share:

Holland Theory: Overview and Application | Kuder
Blog - Kuder

Credit-by-Exam (CLEP)

College Board

The CLEP exams are managed by College Board. They also offer many FREE resources for education professionals and counselors to share with service members and to display in their education offices. Please take the time to review these links and order the tools that can help you share information about the program more efficiently with students.

Modern States

College Board and Modern States have partnered together to provide this CLEP prep source available at no cost to service members as part of the Freshman Year for Free program. Each CLEP exam has its own self-paced, online video course (taught by top professors) and was developed in association with the owners of each exam. The content can also be downloaded to a personal device for offline viewing. Visit the Modern States website for more information.

Credit-by-Exam (Prep-a-Thon)

The purpose of this handbook is to provide recommendations and guidance to Service Education Center professionals on hosting test preparation events in support of the DANTES-sponsored Credit-by-Exam program. A testing Prep-a-Thon is intended to help ensure effective study practices by service members in advance of taking relevant CLEP and DSST tests.

Download the Prep-a-Thon Success Handbook for guidance on how to plan, prepare for, and implement a Prep-a-Thon event.

Download/Print Program Flyers

Counselor Support Tools

Read the Monthly DIB Newsletter

The DANTES Information Bulletin (DIB) is a monthly newsletter designed to help voluntary education (VolEd) professionals learn about Defense education programs, tools, and resources to better serve military members.

For the latest information on DANTES-sponsored programs, the following VolEd professionals are encouraged to subscribe and read the newsletter:

  • Education Counselors
  • Education Services Officers
  • Education Services Specialists
  • Education Technicians

What's Inside?

Each issue includes:

  • An in-depth article highlighting an education program or theme
  • "Hot News" provides updates on Defense education program initiatives
  • "Troops to Teachers Spotlight" offers program updates and participant success stories

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Share Social Media

Help service members learn more about DANTES programs and services through social media. Share Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts from our DANTES social media platforms. On a regular basis, DANTES creates content that can be shared by the military Services and other partners in support of service member awareness of voluntary education opportunities. All posts are tailored to deliver the following key messages to service members:
  • Emphasize the value of an education and why it is an important strategic investment in the future.
  • Enhance Service member understanding of their education benefits and how to access them.
  • Inspire military students to become more informed consumers of their education-career pathway.
  • Strive to improve commitment to success and active decision-making as opportunities are pursued.
  • Promote the value of choosing a quality education that supports military career development, future professional opportunities, and personal growth.
Like, Follow, and Share social media posts to stay up to date on education opportunities and promote awareness throughout your military Service and beyond!

Videos For Sharing

In many cases, videos are more memorable than traditional written content. If you are looking for videos, program overviews, and webinars to enhance the sharing of DANTES-sponsored voluntary education program information, use the DANTES YouTube Channel for content. Voluntary education professionals have access to the most up-to-date videos available to promote or help explain Defense voluntary education programs.
  • Education program tutorials
  • Short social media videos
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Motivational videos to inspire pursuing voluntary education
  • Overview and webinar videos recorded from Live events

Download the MilEd Benefits Mobile App

Download the MilEd Benefits mobile app today to get the most up-to-date information about military education benefits for your Service members and potential students. By downloading the app, you'll see how service members can learn about Defense Department, Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Services, and DANTES education programs - anytime, anywhere.

With simple-to-use eGuides and a user-friendly design, the MilEd Benefits app provides a one-stop shop to find no-cost education benefits that can help members with military advancement, completing a college degree, and transitioning to civilian employment after serving.

The MilEd Benefits app is easy to use and offers a section designed specifically for the Services' VolEd Community of Professionals, designed to offer you the following behind a special access code:

  • Professional Development Training
  • Calendars
  • VolEd Staff Surveys
  • News & Announcements
  • PDI Updates
  • Education Training
  • Videos

This section requires an access code to open and is visible only to the VolEd Community of Professionals. Email Ms. Emily Bachman to get your access code:

Establish a National Test Center

National Test Centers (NTCs) are local or on-base colleges or universities that offer academic testing for DANTES-funded Service members. DANTES funds both fees for tests taken at all on-base NTCs, as well as those local NTCs identified as Fully-Funded. NTCs are a convenient option for Service members.

Military education centers interested in establishing an on-base NTC must coordinate with the local college/university, the base Commanding Officer, and DANTES.

For more information on starting an NTC, email

European Region NTCs

For inquiries concerning establishing NTC operations in Europe, please contact the IMCOM Europe Region Army Continuing Education System (ACES) representative at DSN/VOIP 314.544.1240 or CML 011-49-611-143-544-1240.

All Other Overseas NTCs

For inquiries concerning establishing NTC operations in the Middle East, Africa, and locations throughout Southwest Asia, contact the DANTES European Representative at DSN/VOIP 314.544.1210/1230, CML 011-49-611-143-544-1210/1230, or email at

As a school representative, you have the distinct privilege of assisting Service members with their education and career path. DANTES provides many programs that can assist military students in their education journey. The Joint Services Transcript, Credit-by-Examination program, and reimbursement of College Admission Exam fees are just a few.

Take a look around the website. Print the fact sheets and share this information with your military students. If you have further questions, please contact our Help Desk.

Become a DoD MOU School

The Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (DoD MOU) is a partnership between accredited academic institutions and the Defense Department to ensure that service members are attending quality educational programs. Only schools that have completed a rigorous screening process and have been accepted into the DoD MOU are allowed to accept military tuition assistance (TA) benefits. There are more than 2,400 partnership academic institutions at over 9,600 locations. Visit the DoD MOU website to find more information on how to become a DoD MOU school.

Service Member Blog

The DANTES4Military blog is an official DoD blog written for the Service member about the Defense Department's voluntary education opportunities. This resource can be shared with military members and students to help them dive deeper into the education programs that DoD and DANTES offer. The blog is written to military students for a better understanding of the education support benefits that can save them time and money on their education journey. Visit the blog to gain knowledge about all ofof the no-cost programs available to military students.