Academic Skills Training (OASC/CPST)

Online Training to Improve Your ASVAB, GT, and AFCT Scores & Prepare for College

Program Overview

Are you up for a promotion? Are you thinking about college? Do you want to get better ASVAB scores or ace your college entrance exams? If so, take control of your future and get started on the path to a better career and a college degree - with FREE help for active duty military, National Guard, Reserve, and U.S. Coast Guard members.

DANTES offers self-paced online training courses that can help improve your English, math, science, reading, and writing skills. Academic Skills Training offers two online courses to assess your strengths and weaknesses via customized, personal learning paths.

  • Online Academic Skills Course (OASC): Improve promotion opportunities with interactive lessons that address your specific needs. OASC can help improve basic math, science, reading comprehension, and vocabulary skills.
  • College Placement Skills Training (CPST): Prepare for collge entrance and placement exams with interactive games and activities. CPST targets college-level English, math, science, and writing skills.

Both OASC and CPST online courses gauge your strengths and weaknesses with customized learning paths. These paths improve your knowledge of the concepts and the skills you need to excel in each area. Lessons are supported by interactive drills and practice sets, followed by quizzes to help you gauge your progress. Plus, there's also a peer to peer support platform!

Student Benefits

Academic Skills Training helps you:

  • Assessments: In both OASC and CPST, assessments help you learn your strengths and weaknesses. The training modules are tailored to help build your skills in any areas that need to be improved. Share your results and progress with your education counselor, who may be able to provide more guidance and support.
  • Earn Certificate: Students who complete the OASC modules will receive a certificate that states they completed English & Math Course or English, Math, & Science. This certificate is downloadable and can be given to the student’s command to show proof of completion. Depending on your Service, counselors will recommend you be allowed to re-take the ASVAB/AFCT or be recommended to receive tuition assistance (TA).
  • Improve your skills: OASC can help you get better ASVAB/AFQT or AFCT scores. CPST can help you earn a spot in college-level courses and avoid remedial classes.
  • Learn wherever you are: You can access both courses 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. Lessons can be accessed multiple times or stop and start.
  • Networking: A new Peer-to-Peer Discussion Area is available, so learners can ask for help, advice, and best practices from peers. If learners get stuck on a problem or need some encouragement, they are encouraged to visit the discussion area for help.
  • Offline Access: Are you in a remote location with limited internet access? An offline version of OASC is available. You can upload your progress when you have an internet connection, and the results can be reviewed by an OASC administrator. Contact an education counselor to obtain a CD of the course.
  • Progress at your pace: The self-paced programs allow you to work at your own speed.
  • Tailor your learning: Both OASC and CPST provide interactive lessons, games, and drills to support your learning style.
  • Succeed: Practice tests, quizzes, and an end-of-course test provide feedback to ensure that you master the material.

Program Eligibility

All active-duty Service members (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard), as well as members of the National Guard and Reserve components, can use Academic Skills Training to improve their math, writing, and other communication skills.

Support Resources

Downloadable Infographics

Visuals often say more than a 15 minute conversation. Check out our downloadable and printable flyers and infographics; they're available to share with service members and military students. Visit this section for more information.

Academic Skills Training Flyers can also be ordered directly from and will be mailed directly to Service Education Centers. Order your today!

Mobile Application

Download the "OASC Academic Skills Training" mobile app onto your mobile devices from the Google Play store or the Apple store. There is an online version and an offline version; both can be used for studying whenever and wherever you are located!

Academic Skills Training

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