Career Path DECIDE

Program Overview

DoD's Career Path DECIDE is designed to improve service members' access to information about civilian careers, their knowledge, skill, and ability gaps, as well as available education and professional development opportunities.

Military and veteran students can use Career Path DECIDE to identify the career paths for which they are most qualified, based on their military experience and current education level. They can also determine if these career paths align with their future personal and professional goals, as well as identify specific and actionable steps to improve their qualifications for a desired career. Career Path DECIDE is easy to use, requires no user account, and can be accessed from any device (desktop, laptop, or mobile).

Student Benefits

Career Path DECIDE will help identify longer-term career goals and develop personalized strategies for accomplishing those goals.

Specifically, Career Path DECIDE provides:

  • Information on career fields a member is likely already qualified for
  • Ability to explore civilian career pathways, including salary, projected job growth rates, and alternative milestones along related career pathways
  • Personalized information about how to start and promote within a career path, to include assistance with both short and long term career goals
  • Understanding of the knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) gaps needed to complete in preparation for a chosen career path
  • Information about the academic degrees and/or professional certifications that signal to employers a member has the education and experience they are looking for
  • Estimation of how long it will take to reach career and education goals

Program Eligibility

All U.S. Armed Forces service members and veterans are eligible to use the program.

Support Resources

It is important to determine if your education choices align with your future career goals. Whether you stay in the military or choose to transition, your education choices can have a major impact on your future success.

With Career Path DECIDE, a professional military education counselor can help you plan your next steps. Be sure to use the "Contact a Counselor" link to find a counselor near you.


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