Student Enrollment Procedures & Tips

Follow the student enrollment procedures listed below to help guide you on your journey towards education and training based on your goals.

  • Discuss your goals with an education counselor and determine a strategy to meet your long-term objectives.
  • With the assistance of your counselor, or by reference materials provided by DANTES, select a properly accredited college or university offering a program that best meets your education objectives.
  • Compare and investigate different colleges or universities before making your decision. Your Service education office can verify whether a school has an agreement with DoD that verifies tuition assistance availability.
  • Work with your selected institution's academic advisor to develop a degree plan or program of study outlining your education path.
  • Examine the course description. Verify the selected course or degree will meet your needs and can be transferred or accepted toward follow-on degrees.
  • Complete your Service's Tuition Assistance Program funding request (if applicable).
  • Follow your Service's instructions about enrollment procedures, payment, tuition assistance responsibilities, and any other Service-unique requirements to get started.

Here are some tips for success in school:

  • Contact an education counselor for assistance with getting started, accessing programs, and to resolve issues that may arise while in school.
  • Preparation can be key to a successful educational experience. Access free study material for exams and no-cost programs such as Kuder Journey and College Placement Skills Training (CPST) to prepare for entering school.
  • Learn about education benefits that are available to help you save time and money while pursuing your degree (CLEP, DSST, and JST). There are also benefits that fund college coursework such as Tuition Assistance (TA).
  • Get help completing difficult coursework by accessing tutoring services online, 24/7, offered through the no-cost pilot tutoring services by or your college/university learning center.
  • Know that education is accessible overseas. Whether you are stationed or deployed overseas, access to education benefits and schools is available.