MyVolEdPath Mobile App Overview

Download the MyVolEdPath mobile app today to get military education resources in the palm of your hand. You can maximize use of your military education benefits and create a customized path to education and advancement - anytime, anywhere. With user-friendly design, comprehensive checklists, and step-by-step processes already laid out, MyVolEdPath provides a clear path to follow for military advancement, a college degree, or a civilian career.

MyVolEdPath makes it easy to get started and map out a plan to reach your goal with:

  • A Discovery Tool for Students designed to quickly assess and generate recommended educational programs
  • Voluntary Education Pathways that provide customized checklists to support the pursuit of your education goals
  • Connections to Professional Education Counselors that can serve as your personal guide as you navigate your education journey
  • Education Program Information & Access
  • FAQs Resources, and Encouragement

Student Benefits

  • Create a customized checklist of education programs that is tailored to your goals
  • Connect with an education counselor who can help you in real time
  • Discover resources that can help you complete your education and career goals

MyVolEdPath Features


Maximize the military education benefits you've earned, and find out how those benefits make education more accessible and affordable.


Create your personal path to education and advancement with options customized to your needs and goals.


Align your career and educational plan with your own strengths and interests. Take control of your future - no matter where your path leads.


Find a virtual education center, connect with a counselor, and enjoy 24/7 access to resources, forums, and FAQs.


When you have questions, we have answers. Get support in real time via the live chat feature.


Stay informed with the latest voluntary education news, videos, blogs, and podcasts.

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